No android device found – Unity – Nokia 3

I just buy a new device Nokia 3 to instead for google nexus 4, and when build I got a error “No android device found …”, and I resolved by install driver for Nokia 3 after restart computer.


Hope this help if you got the same error.

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Match Word – Brain Puzzle

Match Word is a word puzzle game which removing letters to match word with available steps number. Play and test your brain for free!

• Remove letters to match word in any row.
• Remove with the given steps number.
• Use hint if you feel to land in an impasse.

• Free.
• No time limit.
• Can play without internet.
• Over 100+ puzzles.
• Three mode: Tiny(3×3) for beginner, Classic(4×4) for professional and Big(5×5) for master .
• Easy to play, just click to remove letters.
• Play and forget.
• Gift daily.
• Free Update.

• You hint if you impasse.
• Add 2 hint everyday when open.
• Add 5 hint for watch Ads.
• Add 1 hint for each friend you invite success.

• We really value your feedback, go to or email and say what’s on your mind!

Thanks for playing!

iOS version:

Android version:

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3 Sample Code (Match 3, Bubble Shooter, ZigZag)

1. Berry Match-Three v3.0
Awesome game template + EDITOR with 50 COMPLETED and tested levels.
4-17-2016 3-48-50 PM







2. Bubble Shooter
*Great EDITOR for more comfortable levels creating;
*32 preview levels;
*IAPs cross platform;
*Animated GUIs;
*Need Unity3D 5.0 and higher;
*Two types of gameplay;
*Level selector;
*Dynamic line for aiming shoots;
*Life recovering by timer works even when you are not in game;
*Powerful boosts.*











3. ZigZag

Zig-zag is an endless-runner-game.
The levels are randomly generated and promise a long lasting gaming experience.
The game is mainly addressed to android smartphones, but can also be run as desktop- or web-version.


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Flappy Hop – The New Version Of Bird Game
Just try into the hoops and keep the ball in the road.
How far can you go? Flappy Back : Avoid the pipes and collect money to use unlock all characters!
– Tab to flap.
– Jump into hoop to open pipes.
– Don’t touch the pipes.
– Get 100 money to unlock character.

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Mr Swing

Play Store


All game

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How to install OS X Yosemite 10.10 on VMware on Windows PC

Hope this help!

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How can I draw a ParticleSystem over the new Unity UI?

How can I draw a ParticleSystem over the new Unity 4.6 UI?
I want to play a particle system (of 2D sprites) in the UI I am currently making, using Unity 4.6 beta’s new UI system. The UI has a solid colour background so I need to somehow modify the draw order such that the particles play on top, but I am not sure how to do this.

Here are some things I’ve tried:

Changing the Z position in the inspector.

Changing the Layer in the inspector.

Changing the Sorting Layer programmatically via an attached script.

Parenting the ParticleSystem to a Canvas and overriding its Sort Order.

Changing the shader used by the ParticleSystem.

Nothing seems to work so I must be doing something wrong. Does anyone know how to make the ParticleSystem draw in front of the UI?

In Render Mode of your Canvas, place ScreenSpace – Camera with Main Camera in Render Camera.

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